Digital language corpora


Moran, S., R. Schikowski, D. Pajović, C. Hysi & S. Stoll. The ACQDIV Corpus: a comparative longitudinal language acquisition corpus. 

2009 Stoll, S., B. Bickel, E. Lieven, G. Banjade, T. N. Bhatta, M. Gaenszle, N. P. Paudyal, M. Rai, N. K. Rai, I. P. Rai. Audiovisual Chintang corpus on language acquisition of 6 children (approx. 300,000 words transcribed out of which 200,000 are glossed and translated.). Electronic Database, DoBeS Archive.
  Stoll, S., Meyer, R. Audiovisional longitudinal corpus on Russian language acquisition of 5 children (approx. 2,100,000 words transcribed and glossed).
2009 Rai, M., Bickel, B., Banjade, G., Bhatta, T. N., Gaenszle, M. , Lieven, E., Paudyal, N. P, Rai, N. K., Rai, I. P., & Stoll, S.. Chintang dictionary (ca. 7,000 entries, Nepali and English glosses, Nepali explanations, examples, grammatical information). Electronic Database, DoBeS Archive.
2009 Bickel, B., G. Banjade, T. N. Bhatta, M. Gaenszle, E. Lieven, N. P. Paudyal, M. Rai, N. K. Rai, I. P. Rai, S. Stoll. Audiovisual Chintang corpus, (approx. 150,000 words transcribed, out of which 65,000 are glossed and translated, plus paradigm sets and grammar sketches, ethnographic descriptions, photographs). Electronic Database, DoBeS Archive.