Welcome to the Psycholinguistics Laboratory at the University of Zürich

The Psycholinguistics Laboratory is part of the Department of Comparative Linguistics. Our main mission is to understand the psychological foundations of language from a comparative point of view. Linguistic diversity is ubiquitous and the prerequisite of understanding how language works is to understand the role of diversity. Our goal is to find out how linguistic diversity influences processes in the brain and how languages of extreme diversity can be learned by children. Currently the laboratory has 2 main research areas:


The Psycholinguistics Laboratory is headed by Sabine Stoll.


  • Dagmar Jung presented a sketch grammar of Dene child language at the Workshop on the acquisition of lesser-documented languages in Cologne, 25-26 January 2019.

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  • Sabine Stoll gave a talk at the Neuroscience Center at the Unversity of Geneva on 
    'Language Acquisition in maximally diverse languages', October 29, 2018.

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  • The department is happy to welcome Nick Lester as a new member of our scientific staff. Nick recently finished his PhD in Linguistics at the University of California Santa Barbara a will now work as a postdoc in the ACQDIV project in the Psycholinguistics Laboratory focussing on information theoretic approaches to acquisition data.


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  • Géraldine Walther will be giving a talk at the International Morphology Meeting in Budapest on May 10th, 2018


    Géraldine Walther and Claudia Cathomas:

    "Constraints on agreement patterns in Romansh Sursilvan and Tuatschin"


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  • Claudia Cathomas, Jekatarina Mažara, and Géraldine Walther will be giving a talk at the research colloquium of the Institute for Comparative Linguistics on May 4th, 2018.

    "The morphosyntax of agreement in Tuatschin: acquisition and contact"

    Freiestrasse 36, 8032 Zürich
    Room: FRE D 14
    Forschungskolloquium Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft

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